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Setting Background Images for Your Login Screen
Setting Background Images for Your Login Screen

How to display a selection of images from a chosen album on your firm's OpenAsset Login Screen

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The Login Screen can be configured by System Administrators to display images from a specified album. Images will then load randomly each time a user logs into your OpenAsset instance.

This provides a simple way of brightening up your login screen and increasing the visibility of some of your firm's best work.

Watch this video for a quick overview of the Login Screen

Create an Album

Create a new album featuring a selection of your company's best images. If you use image ranks in your system, this can help you to find top quality images quickly.

Choose Login Page Album

Navigate to 'System', 'System Preferences' in your Settings menu.

In your System Preferences, select the 'Choose Album' button from the 'Login Page Album' section and search for the relevant album. You must be the album owner in order to select it. Select 'Save Changes'.

Images from this album will then appear on the login screen. Hovering over the 'i' icon at the bottom-right of your screen will display information about the image.

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