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Downloading images on Your Mobile / iPad / Tablet Device
Downloading images on Your Mobile / iPad / Tablet Device

How to download OpenAsset files while you're on the move

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There may be occasions where you need to access your OpenAsset files when you're not at your desk. Site visits and industry events are a few scenarios where this may be the case. Fortunately, even when you're out and about you can continue to easily access these files via your mobile, iPad, or other tablet device.

To download images on your mobile/tablet, follow the below steps:

  • First, navigate to your mobile browser, enter your OpenAsset URL, and sign in with your regular details.

  • If you have multiple images that you wish to download, you may find it easier to find an album stored on your system and download these files. You can also create a new album from your file selection.

  • Select your file, or files to download.

  • Hit the download icon as you would on your desktop version. Select the required file size, and tap 'Start Downloading'.

For Apple Devices

  • You will be prompted to 'View' or 'Download' the file.

  • 'Viewing' the file will take you to a preview of the file. From here you can save it to your photos.

  • Alternatively, you can 'Download' the file, which will save the asset to your personal iCloud's 'Files' folder. You may leave it in your 'Files' folder, or you can save this to your Apple photo albums.

See below for the process of 'Viewing' the file on an Apple mobile device

For Android (note devices may vary)

  • You will receive a 'File Downloaded' notification at the top of your screen. From here, you would tap the 'Open' link. This will allow you to view the file.

  • If you navigate off the screen, you can find the image again in your 'My Files' folder.

Note: uploading to OpenAsset via your mobile or tablet is also possible. Read more about this here.

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