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How to package INDD files for uploading to OpenAsset

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OpenAsset supports native Adobe InDesign files that are contained within a zipped package. Storing InDesign files in this format ensures that all required assets such as fonts and linked images are contained together ready to be used or printed by somebody else.

The OpenAsset InDesign Plugin offers a means of generating a zipped package that is configured for uploading into your OpenAsset system.

For a quick overview of how to store InDesign files in OpenAsset, watch this video:

Packaging INDD files for OpenAsset

When your InDesign document is ready to upload, select 'File' > 'OpenAsset' > 'Package for OpenAsset'.

You will be prompted to select a folder in which to save your packaged file. Choose a folder and then select 'Open'.

This will generate a folder and a .zip file. The folder is not required for uploading to OpenAsset and can be deleted if you wish.

Uploading INDD files to OpenAsset

Only the .zip file can be uploaded to OpenAsset. You can upload multiple files by sorting your folder by file type and dragging the selected .zip files into the uploader.

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