You can download files individually or a .zip folder containing multiple files from OpenAsset. When creating a File Download, you can also choose the image size, choose a custom file name and add or remove metadata.

Downloading Individual Files from the Search Results

To download individual files, select the 'More' icon on the image thumbnail.

Then select the 'Sizes' tab and download your chosen image size.

Downloading Individual Files from the File Overview Page

From the File Overview page, select the 'Sizes' tab. Then select the 'Download Size' icon next to the desired image size.

Downloading Selections of Files

To download multiple files create a selection of images, then select the 'Download' button from the Action Bar.

Note: there is a 2GB limit on downloading multiple files at once. Files over 2GB in size can be downloaded individually from the 'Sizes' tab.

Create a File Download

The steps above will prompt you to create a File Download for the individual file or selection of files. The following steps are the same in each instance.

1. Select File Sizes

You can select one or multiple options if you want more than one size in the file download.

2. Custom File Naming

You can choose whether you want the files to have their Unique OpenAsset Filename or the Original Filename.

3. Metadata

Finally, you can choose which fields from OpenAsset you want to be written in the file metadata. You can also opt to strip any existing metadata from the files before adding the selected fields.

When finished, click ‘Start Downloading’ and your file will automatically download.

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