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Uploading Files to OpenAsset from your Phone or Tablet
Uploading Files to OpenAsset from your Phone or Tablet

How to use OpenAsset Camera to upload photos and videos to your OpenAsset system from your mobile phone or tablet

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OpenAsset Camera is a mobile app for iOS and Android that enables you to take photos and videos and upload them directly into your OpenAsset system. You can also upload files already stored on your phone or tablet.

Search for 'OpenAsset Camera' in the App Store or Google Play to download the mobile app. 

Apple users can access the relevant page on the App Store by clicking here. Android users can do so by clicking here.

Note: if you have upload approvals implemented, you will not be able to upload files from OpenAsset Camera.

Updating your Settings

Adding your Login Details

Once you have opened the app, select the cog icon to access the settings menu. Then select 'Add account'.

Enter the prefix to your OpenAsset URL. This is the URL that you type into a browser to access your OpenAsset instance.

On the following screen, enter your OpenAsset login details. Your details will then be stored on your phone or tablet so that you don't need to login the next time you open the app. You can add multiple accounts and switch between them when you want to upload.

Upload over Cellular Data

By default OpenAsset camera will upload images over your cellular network, which can significantly increase data usage and therefore your bills. You can avoid this by selecting 'No' from the 'Upload over cellular data' field.

Image and Video File Size

Images will be saved to your device at the highest quality, but when they are uploaded to OpenAsset, they can be sent as smaller, lower quality files.

You can select the resolution of the video that you record using OpenAsset Camera. Videos recorded with other apps on your device are not affected.

Taking Photos or Video with OpenAsset Camera

OpenAsset Camera allows you to take photos or video within the app. You can use the front- or back-facing cameras and select from different flash modes.

Select 'Photo' / 'Video' from the top of the screen, then select the white circle from the bottom of the screen to shoot.

Once you have taken a photo or video, it will be added to your phone or tablet's camera roll. Select the cloud icon to access this.

Uploading Files from your Camera Roll

The photo you have just taken will be automatically selected in your Camera Roll. You can select photos or videos saved to your phone or tablet by tapping them. Files that have already been uploaded are indicated by the yellow cloud symbol.

Select the 'Upload file' button to progress to the file uploader.

You will be prompted to select a File Category. You can also select the Access Level and Rank for your file or files. When you have input this information, select 'Start upload'.

When your upload has completed, you can select the 'X' symbol to return to the app.

Viewing your Uploaded Files in OpenAsset

Once your files have completed uploading, they will be accessible in your OpenAsset system.

You can quickly view them by selecting 'Files' from the header and sorting results by 'Uploaded', which will display your most recently uploaded files.

You can then apply metadata and tag your uploaded files with keywords.

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