Storing VR Files in OpenAsset

How to store, find and preview VR files in OpenAsset

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What are VR files?

The types of VR files supported by OpenAsset are 360 degree or panoramic photos. These can be uploaded to OpenAsset in your desired file type (JPEG, PNG etc.), and your system will automatically detect them as VR files. These can be useful for dynamically displaying interior shots, or showing off projects in the round.

Storing your VR files in OpenAsset

VR files can be uploaded to OpenAsset the same way as any other image files. As VR files are not a specific file type, we recommend that you apply a file keyword such as 'VR File' so that they are searchable within your system.

Previewing VR Files

VR files can be previewed from the File Page. Simply select the 'View VR' icon.

This will enable the preview mode and you can use the cursor to navigate around the image and see all 360 degree aspects.

There are tools available at the bottom left of the screen enabling you to zoom in and out, enter full screen and select automatic rotation.

VR File Troubleshooting

VR file support was introduced on 26th January 2023 and all files uploaded after this date will be supported. If you have uploaded VR files to OpenAsset prior to this date, contact our support team who can reprocess these files for you.

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