Storing MS Word and PowerPoint Files

How to store .DOCX and .PPTX files in OpenAsset

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OpenAsset supports MS Word and PowerPoint files. This means that if you have resume documents or slide decks stored on your network, you can upload them to OpenAsset and benefit from using keywords, search and sharing features.

For our full list of supported file formats, click here.

Storing MS Word and PowerPoint Files

Word and PowerPoint files can be uploaded to OpenAsset in exactly the same way as image files. Simply select the 'Upload' icon from the header, then drag your chosen file or files onto the page or select files using the menu.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of this process, or read this article for a step-by-step guide to uploading files.

Previewing MS Word and PowerPoint Files

You can access Word and PowerPoint files by entering 'DOCX' or 'PPTX' into the search menu and selecting the correct 'File Format'.

This will display all the Word or PowerPoint files in your system. You could then narrow down your search by adding project keywords.

When you select a file, you can preview the Word or PowerPoint document from the File Information page by selecting the 'View Document' icon. 

This will launch a preview window, where you can view individual slides or pages within the document.

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