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Attaching Files to Employees and Setting the Primary Photo
Attaching Files to Employees and Setting the Primary Photo

How to attach images to employees from the Employees page or from the File Overview page, and how to set Primary Photos for employees

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You can attach files stored in your OpenAsset system to employees. This can make the process of finding images featuring specific staff members much quicker.

Attaching Images to Employees When You Have the Employee Name in the File Information

If you have the name of an employee stored in the filename or the file metadata of an image, you can quickly attach images in your system to this employee.

From the Employee Search Page, select an employee or create a selection of employees by clicking the checkbox on the image thumbnails. You can use the Filters menu to search for specific employees by name or code, use a Field Filter to search by metadata stored in employee fields, or use the Data menu to identify employees with few or no images attached.

Select the 'Manage Files' icon to the right of the page.

Using this menu you can attach or detach images from Employees, as well as assign a Primary Photo that is visible on their profile page. The search facility will search on filenames and metadata across your system database.

Select an image from the 'Find files to attach' tab to attach it or detach it from an employee. You can edit the name entered into the search menu, as well as specifying which category to search in for files. The search will default to your 'Employees' category, but you can select others as well.

Select the employee names on the left of the menu, or click 'Next' to cycle through the employees in your selection.

Finding Employees without Primary Photos

You can quickly identify Employees that do not have primary photos assigned by navigating to the Employee Search Page and using the Data menu to the left side of the page.

Select the 'Has primary photo' field and click 'No' from the drop-down menu. This will filter your results to include only employees without primary photos.

Assign a Primary Photo to an Employee

Create a selection of employees, then select the 'Manage Files' icon to the right of the page.

Use the 'Set Primary Photo' tab and select an image to assign it as the Primary Photo. Click 'Assign & Save' to cycle through employees in your selection.

Finding Employees without Files Attached

To identify Employees without files attached, navigate to the Employee search page. Select the 'Files' filter from the Data menu.

Then select 'None' from the drop down menu.

Attaching Images to Employees from the File Overview Page

Attaching Images to an Individual Employee

You can also assign individual images to an Employee by navigating to the File Overview page of a chosen image.

First, click into a file and select the "Employees" tab.

Next, search for and select the employee to attach the file to.

Attaching Images to Multiple Employees

If you have a selection of images that you wish to attach to more than one employee, this workflow will enable you to do this.

Create a selection of images that you wish to attach, then view the images in your 'Selected' tab.

Click into the first image in your selection and click the "employees" tab.

From here you can search for and select multiple employees to attach to this file.

Select the arrow icon next to the image (or use your arrows on your keyboard), which allows you to cycle through the images in your selection. You can then repeat the steps above for each file.

Note: the Employee Module is available as an add-on in your OpenAsset system. Contact your CSM to discuss enabling it.

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