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Exporting Project and Employee information to CSV Format
Exporting Project and Employee information to CSV Format

Learn how to export your project and employee data into CSV format for easier analysis.

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You are able to export Project and Employee data to CSV files that are compatible with Excel, Numbers, and Google Sheets. This can be useful for performing keyword and field analysis across projects or sharing selections with others to review. The CSV exporter lives within the Export button on the action bar - alongside your InDesign / Word templates.

Enabling the CSV exporter

System admins have access to this feature by default. However, they will need to give Groups of users the correct permissions to use the CSV exporter. To enable access, the admin will need to navigate to the template permissions page, via Settings > Security > Groups > (Select the relevant Group) > Template Permissions.

The admin will then need to check the relevant ‘Export Data to Excel’ box (or boxes), and hit ‘Save Changes’.

Using the CSV exporter

Users can export Projects or Employees to CSV format in a similar way to creating templates. The user would first Select the relevant Projects or Employees and then hit the ‘Export’ icon in the action bar. You can export up to 250 items per CSV file.

Next, hit the option with the Excel icon.

From the following menu, select 'Generate Document(s)' to progress with your selection of Projects or Employees.

The Selected Projects will be downloaded onto your device and opened in your default application for CSV files. The columns in the CSV are your fields and keyword categories, and your OpenAsset display order forms these. There are also columns for when the item was created, last updated, and one for the URL back to the relevant page in OpenAsset.

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