The OpenAsset Templafy Connector is installed in PowerPoint and Word applications via web Add-Ins.

Note: in most instances, organizations will deploy the connector centrally via MSI or GPO. Contact our Support Team who will help to facilitate this deployment. This article explains the process for individual users to install the connector in their applications.

Installing the OpenAsset Templafy Connector in PowerPoint or Word

The following instructions can be used to install the connector in the Microsoft Office 365 web-app or desktop applications for PowerPoint and Word. The process is the same for Mac and Windows users.

With a document open, select 'Insert' > 'Office Add-Ins'.



Select 'Office Store' from the following menu.

Search for 'Templafy Company Templates' and select 'Add'. Select 'Continue' to agree to the license terms and privacy policy.

The following icon will appear in your Home menu, which you can use to access the OpenAsset Templafy Connector.

You can now use the connector to add images to your Word or PowerPoint documents.

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