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Learn the basics and get up to speed with using OpenAsset

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We have created a series of short videos providing introductions to some key workflows, features and concepts within OpenAsset. These offer a great way of getting started with the platform, enabling you to make progress with using OpenAsset.

Introducing OpenAsset

What is OpenAsset?

  • Introduction to OpenAsset

  • Connect projects, files & employees

  • Quickly & easily find your content

  • Use assets and create documents

  • Share & collaborate with others

Project Overview

  • Project fields: specific information about your projects, such as project bio & client

  • Project keywords: project “tags,” such as sector & city

  • Save your favorite projects for quick access

File Overview

  • File fields & keywords: quickly find the right content for the task at hand

  • Multiple file sizes for various uses

  • Leverage AI to find similar photos

  • Create “playlists” of your favorites through Albums

Employee Overview

  • What is the Employee Module?

  • Project Roles: Connect Projects to Employees

  • Employee files: headshots, event photos, and more

Finding, Using & Sharing Content

Finding Content

  • Search for projects

  • Search for files

  • Search for employees

  • Search for other types of content, such as videos, documents, and more

Using Assets

  • Drag & Drop out of OpenAsset into your most frequently used applications

  • Launch custom templates out of OpenAsset

  • Showcase your work in Slideshow mode

  • Generate Contact Sheets

Sharing Assets

  • Share content with internal team members

  • Share content externally, such as a partner leading a proposal

Storing Content in OpenAsset

Uploading Project Photos

  • Uploading files to a project

  • Adding metadata to files, making them easily searchable

  • Adding a hero image to a project

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