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What is OpenAsset?

What is OpenAsset for and how does it help me to complete my work more efficiently?

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Manage AEC assets. Create more proposals. Win more business.

OpenAsset’s easily searchable centralized database enables AEC firms to create high-quality proposals, faster.

The following video gives a high level overview of what OpenAsset is and how it will help you to work more efficiently.

We Work the Way You Work

You manage your work by projects and properties, so we’ve built a digital asset management solution that integrates seamlessly. With OpenAsset, it’s easy to build a scalable library of high-quality digital photos, videos and files.

Centralize Your Digital Assets

Store your photos, images and files in a secure, cloud-based location, so they’re available to anyone, at any time.

Organize Your Digital Assets

Digital Asset Management ensures that all of your digital assets are easily searchable and available for use across your team and your business.

Align Your Digital Assets with Your Business

Store and organize your assets in a way that makes sense to your business.

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