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Configuring Image Size Permissions for User Groups
Configuring Image Size Permissions for User Groups

How to configure Group permissions for Image Sizes and file formats

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Image Size Permissions control which users can access and download different image sizes. You may wish to implement this feature in order to restrict, for example, high-resolution TIFF files to your Graphics team only.

Create Image Size Permissions

To configure Image Size Permissions, navigate to 'Security' > 'Groups' within your Settings menu.

Select 'Edit' next to the Group for which you wish to implement Image Size Permissions. Select 'Image Size Permissions' from the menu on the left of your screen and then click 'New Permission'.

To give everyone in the group access to all images sizes select 'All image sizes' in the pop-up window. If you wish to give restricted access to images sizes for a group, select the first image size you will allow the group to have access to and click 'Save'. This will then open the window below.

At this time you can restrict the file formats available to groups. You may want to restrict people being able to download large TIFF files, for example, and therefore only allow JPGs.

You need to create a 'New Permission' for each file size and each image type, where applicable. So if you want to allow a User Group to download PDFs and TIFFs, you would need to create an individual 'permission' for both file formats.

Alternatively, you can allow full access to all the images regardless of size or format by selecting 'All image sizes' and 'All formats' from the drop-down menus. Click 'Save' when you have finished.

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