On the File search results page put your mouse cursor over an image you will see a button in the bottom right corner for 'More'.

Clicking this will reveal a larger view of the image and three tabs. The default tab contains your 'File info'.

File Info

The file info tab outlines your basic image data, such as dimensions, size type, category, upload date, and more.

There are also another 2 tabs: 'Sizes' and 'Similar'


The Sizes tab lets you see the alternative sizes for that file. By clicking within each row (or on the 'eye' icon), the image on the left will adapt to allow you to preview the different sizes available. Clicking on the other icons enables you to download the File or copy a link to the File if your user permissions allow.


The similar tab will show a number of images that are similar to the one you are looking at. The similarity of these images is calculated via AI-driven image recognition. You are able to add these images to your Selection by clicking the blue check buttons if you wish.

You can read more about this here.

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