Image Similarity search operates independently of your Keyword Taxonomy. By commencing an Image Similarity search, OpenAsset will return a selection of images from across the entire image library that it identifies as being visually similar. Images are indexed automatically as they are uploaded to OpenAsset, so this feature is accessible without the need to manually input any metadata.

Using Image Similarity From the Search Page

Browsing Images

When browsing search results within OpenAsset, select the ‘Similar Images’ icon on the image thumbnail.

A panel will open displaying a selection of similar images from across your system.

You can use the arrows at the top right to cycle through the selection of images.

Using Image Similarity with the Batch Editor

Combining Image Similarity search with the Batch Edit tool can be an efficient way of updating large volumes of images at speed. 

You can create a selection of images within the ‘Similar Images’ panel by selecting the checkbox on the images.

Or you can select ‘View all in search’ to generate a new search from the ‘Image Similarity’ results.

You can then use the 'Edit all' button in the carousel to launch the Batch Editor page where you can edit the files in your selection.

Using Image Similarity from the File Overview Page

You can also use Image Similarity search by navigating to the File Overview page and selecting the 'Similar' tab. This can be a great way to browse images that you may not discover through a regular search.

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