OpenAsset enables you to drag images directly from your browser window into documents without having to store the images on your PC.

Dragging Files

To drag a file from the Overview screen, click and drag from the 'Drag & Drop' icon at the top-right of the image thumbnail.

You can also drag and drop from the File Page. To do this, click and drag from the icon on the top right of the page.

Note: while selections of files can be dragged and dropped into InDesign, for other applications images must be dragged individually. For more information about using files in InDesign, click here.

Dragging Images to MS PowerPoint and Word

For dragging and dropping into MS Office 2013+ products, no plug-in is required. You can drag and drop files into these programs directly from the search results page.

Note: if you experience issues dragging images into PowerPoint or Word using a Windows system, check that the 'Do not save encrypted pages to disk' setting is disabled. This setting is found in 'Internet Properties' > 'Advanced' > 'Security', and is disabled by default.

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