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Custom Templates with OpenAsset

This article outlines an overview of the process, capabilities, timelines, associated costs, as well as what we need to get started

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Custom Templates increase the efficiency and consistency with which organizations generate documents. You have the option of exporting custom templates from OpenAsset from different programs that include Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word.

First, please review our Template Guide Site:

At a minimum, once you review the ‘Overview’ and ‘What We Need’ Sections, your team must let us know how many templates you’re looking to build, as well as what type of template they are:

  • Employee-Based (select certain employees you would like in the template)

  • Project-Based (select certain projects you would like in the template)

  • File-Based (select certain files you would like in the template)

Next, your team must provide your Customer Success Manager:

Once your Customer Success Manager has received the above:

  1. You will then be connected to an Implementation Manager, who will reach out to schedule a quick call where they can answer any questions you may have before finalizing what is to be scripted onto your template.

  2. We will then submit your template to be manually scripted by our Team of Support Engineers. They will let you know when your first draft is ready to be tested in your OpenAsset system.

  3. You can expect your first draft of your template 2 weeks from the point of our team submitting the request to our submission Support Team’s services queue.

  4. You will have up to three rounds of revisions if applicable within a two week time-frame per revision.

  5. Once your template is approved, you can start using and sharing it with your team!

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