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Fireside Chat Episode 2: Price & Myers
Fireside Chat Episode 2: Price & Myers
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In our Fireside Chat webinar series, we sit down with clients to hear about how they use OpenAsset in their day-to-day lives to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Episode 2: OpenAsset + Price & Myers (August 2023)

We chat with Morven Mitchell, Communications and Bid Manager at Price & Myers.

🔑 Key takeaways:

1. Having someone responsible for managing OpenAsset has made a huge impact on ensuring it continues to be a reliable resource for the team to locate the content and information they need.

Price & Myers took some time to review their project & file keywords, and see what was relevant (and what was not). They cleared out those that weren't, and added a few new ones. Now they have a more streamlined taxonomy, making it easier for their team to search for content in the system.

Finally, they have found that limiting the ability to create new keywords to one "Admin" has eliminated duplicate keywords that cluttered the system.

2. CMAP is Price & Myers' single source of truth for project information. They leverage the integration with OpenAsset to streamline the flow of their data and reduce manual entry, pushing keywords and fields directly from CMAP into OpenAsset, where team members can find what they need in a rich, visual environment.

3. To expand usage of OpenAsset beyond the Marketing team, Morven has created additional "categories" in OpenAsset. The technical team helped provide feedback on what keywords are relevant, and now the Engineering team uploads files to those categories and tags them with relevant keywords.

This not only benefits the Marketing team for content they can use for proposals, but helps Engineers quickly located content they can use in reports and presentations. Additionally, they've found it helps them explain explain things visually, such as certain structural features.

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