The Copyright Holder is the person who owns the Intellectual Property of an image. Typically, this will be a freelance photographer but there are exceptions, such as for stock imagery where a specific license is purchased. The most common example of when the photographer is not the copyright holder is when a full-time employee takes photographs during working hours. The copyright holder of these images would typically be the company that the employee works for.

If you set up Copyright Holders and Policies, you must ensure that all users adhere to these policies.

Copyright information is stored in the 'Copyright holder' field for each file.

Users can select 'Policy' to view the copyright policy details.

You can manage Copyright Holders and Policies by selecting the links from the 'More' menu in the main header.

By following the link above you can view the complete list of Copyright Holders in your system.

Select 'New Copyright Holder', enter the correct name or title, then click 'Create Copyright Holder'.

To consolidate multiple Copyright Holders into the same entry, select the Copyright Holders you wish to merge then click 'Merge'. Select the Copyright Holder you wish to keep, then click 'Merge'.

To edit the name of an existing Copyright Holder, select 'Edit' then enter the new title and click 'Save'.

To assign a Policy to a Copyright Holder, select 'Edit' then select a policy from the dropdown menu. This Policy will accessible in the 'Copyright holder' field for every 

It is important to have correct copyright policies in place in order to prevent assets being misused. Most image providers will supply copyright policies for their images. Photographs taken by staff members will have your company copyright policy. Images which have been purchased from external sources will have copyright policies attached. If in any doubt, contact the image provider.

Select 'New Copyright Policy', enter the name and click 'Create Copyright Policy'.

Select a policy from the list and click the 'Edit' link. This will launch a window featuring a large text field. If required, you can include URLs to external pages. Click 'Save' to 

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