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Finding Files Using Specific Search Criteria

How to search for for files by common search criteria including Category, Project, Album, Keywords, File Information, Access Level and Rank

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The Search Bar is designed to make it as simple as possible for you to build searches based on criteria such as keywords and metadata. As you type, suggested terms will appear in the list below the Search Bar and by clicking on these terms, you can add them to your Search Trail.

Searching by File Category

Categories are used to differentiate between project-related files and various types of non-project files. Some examples of typical Categories may be 'Projects', 'Reference' and 'Staff'.

The Category dropdown enables you to quickly refine your search within one or more categories. Simply click the categories filter attached to the search bar, which will expand the filter. Then click on the categories you wish to select. You have the added option to quickly select 'All categories' at the top of the drop-down menu.

The Category filter is 'sticky' so if you select a Category option, this will remain your selected option until you make a different selection.

Searching by Project

You can search for Projects either by Project Name or Code. Type the name or code of your Project into the Search Bar and select it from the 'Project' field. This will display all files stored within that Project.

Searching by Album

Type the name an Album into the Search Bar and select it from the 'Album' field. This will display all files stored within that Album.

Searching by Project and File Keywords

To search for a file tagged with a specific Project or File Keyword, type it into the Search bar. It will appear within a field with a 'tag' icon and the name of the Keyword Category. For example, the Keyword 'Glass' will appear within a field named 'Materials'.

You can also use the 'Search by' menu to choose from available keywords to add to your search. Select a File of Project Keyword from the menu and click 'Add to Search'.

Searching by File Information

You can search for files based on any information fields that are displayed on the File Overview page. For example, to search for a file by Photographer, entering the Photographer name into the Search Bar will reveal this search term within the 'Photographer' field.

Searching by File Format

To search by File Format, enter the name of the desired format into the Search Bar and select it from the 'File Format' field.

Searching by Access Level

To search by Access Level, enter the desired Access Level into the Search Bar and select it from the Access Level field.

You can also select an Access Level from the available options in the 'Search by' menu.

Searching by Rank

To search for files of a specific Rank, use the 'Search by' menu and select the Rank link from Number Fields.

Select an option from the modifiers then enter the Rank number.

Search Inside a Specific Field

You can also search for files based on text that is contained within the fields seen in the below screenshot. To do so, enter the text into the search bar and select one of these fields from the 'Search inside a specific field' drop-down menu.

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