Keeping your list of Photographers up to date is helpful from an admin perspective, allowing users to credit their work and ensuring copyright policies are adhered to. It is also helpful to users who may wish to browse other images captured by a particular photographer.

Viewing the Photographer of an image

Information about the photographer is stored in the 'Photographer' field for each file.

Managing Photographers

You can manage Photographers by selecting the 'Photographers' link from the 'More' menu.

Following this link will take you to the full list of Photographers in your system.

Create a new Photographer

Select 'Create Photographer' and enter the name, then click 'Create Photographer' to save the entry.

Merge Photographers

To consolidate multiple Photographers into the same entry, select the Photographers you wish to merge then click 'Merge'. Select the Photographer you wish to keep, then click 'Merge'.

Edit existing Photographers

To edit the name of an existing Photographer, select 'Edit' then enter the new title and click 'Save Photographer'. This will change the name of the photographer on all images where it is used.

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