Setting Access Levels for Files

This article explains why Access Levels are used and how they are applied to files

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What are Access Levels?

Access Levels offer a simple green, amber and red traffic light system allowing you to easily control how images are used and accessed.

For example, Green Access Level files may be images that are approved for external use; Amber Access Level files may be images that are not the best quality and should only be used internally; and Red Access Level files may require final approval from marketing before being available for company use. These Access Levels can be configured by your system admin.

Depending on your permissions, you may only be able to access files of a particular Access Level.

Applying Access Levels to Files

Access Levels can be viewed and edited on the File Overview page for individual files. From the Access Level field, select the relevant option from the drop-down list.

You can use Batch Edit for applying access levels to multiple files.

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