Customizing Ranks

Ranks can be helpful if you would like to organise and find Files by image quality or usage preference. Learn how to customise your Ranks.

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Renaming 'Rank'

You are able to rename 'Rank' to something like 'Image Quality' or 'Marketing Preference'. To do this you will need admin access to Settings.

  • Select 'Fields Manager' from the settings cog at the top-right of the page.

  • Set the 'File' tab.

  • Find 'Rank' in the list and select the edit icon.

Change the name to something else and click 'Save'

The Rank feature will now be named whatever you changed it to throughout OpenAsset.

Customizing Rank Options

To change the Rank options you need admin access to Settings.

  • Inside 'System Settings' go to 'Files' then 'Ranks'

  • You’ll then see the options for 'Non-Project Categories' and 'Project Categories'. It is possible to customize the number of rank options. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss making these changes.

  • You can change the option labels by clicking the 'Edit' buttons on each one.

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