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Set the Logo and Color Scheme for Your System
Set the Logo and Color Scheme for Your System

Control the appearance of your OpenAsset User Interface by setting a logo and colour scheme for your system

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Themes define the look and feel of the OpenAsset User Interface. You can customise the color scheme and logo to personalise your OpenAsset instance to better suit your firm.

You can assign themes to different User Groups. For example, your Marketing team could use a different theme from the rest of your users.

View Your Themes

You can access your Themes by navigating to 'User Interface' > 'Themes' within the Settings menu.

You can make changes to your existing themes by selecting 'Edit' next to the relevant theme on the following page. If you have multiple themes, you can select 'Groups' or 'Users' to assign them to specific users.

Create a Theme

Select 'Create New Theme' from the menu at the top-left of your screen. Enter the name of your Theme, then select 'New Theme'.

Your new Theme will appear in your list of Themes. Select 'Edit' to control the settings.

Here you can select a branding color and color theme. You can also upload your firm's logo to use and position the logo with the 'offset' options.

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