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Information about fixes and improvements to the InDesign Plugin

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Information about fixes and improvements to the InDesign Plugin is compiled in the notes below, with the most recent listed first. For more detailed information about updates to our product, contact our Support Team.


May 9th 2022

  • When downloading large numbers of images, a cancel button has been aded to the progress bar. This will allow the user to escape from the dialogue.

  • If the InDesign High Res Image Size is not Original, images set to Original size in the document will be ignored when upgrading to High Res


February 25th 2022

  • Some InDesign files can contain dead links to images that no longer exist in the document. The plugin is now able to detect and ignore these in order to continue with downloading necessary images.

  • As of InDesign 2022, there is a UI scaling feature that magnifies the whole UI of InDesign. The plugin can now respond to this so the user can continue to navigate and use the plugin with different UI scaling settings.


December 7th 2021

  • OpenAsset logos updated to new branding

  • Fixed bug with retaining authentication in the Cloud Linker

  • Fixed bug where OpenAsset would load in the plugin if images where dragged onto it


October 22nd 2020

  • InDesign 2021 compatibility


June 16th 2020

  • The “Relinker" has been renamed “Cloud Linker”

  • Various usability improvements and fixes to the Cloud Linker

  • The Cloud Linker now reports on the number of images linked to cloud and the number linked locally

  • The Cloud Linker now always downloads matched files

  • There is now clearer feedback that downloads are happening

  • Various other minor interface fixes

  • The plugin now does not start automatically. This is to avoid strange behaviours caused by auto starting such as the plugin window popping open unexpectedly


March 19th 2020

  • The relinker window loads smaller to fit onto a laptop screen

  • The window can scroll and be resized


November 19th 2019

  • Updated certificate


October 29th 2019

  • Fixes image linking issue in documents generated by OpenAsset


October 11th 2019

  • Performance optimisation for upgrading and downgrading images

  • When upgrading and downgrading images frame fitting settings are now recalculated rather than using cached values

  • Help link updated to take user to InDesign Plugin pages on new help site

  • “Package with PDF” function renamed to “Package for OpenAsset”


May 30th 2019

  • Various code improvements


March 5th 2019

  • Various code improvements


December 18th 2018


  • Edited Clear Cache description to 'Clears all files from the cache except those in your current working document'

  • Corrected typo in Update Available text


  • The plugin's support for dragging EPS files into InDesign has been improved

  • The plugin now clears the Image cache at plugin startup when the cache used exceeds defined maximum cache. This fix also ensures the 'clear cache' button clears all cache apart from the current working doc


November 7th 2018


  • We have added a feature that enables users to Package the InDesign document by selecting File > OpenAsset > Package with PDF.

  • The Plugin prevents the re-download of images from packaged files to save the user time. The images will be referenced to OpenAsset whilst existing in the package Links folder, rather than in the cache. The user can easily move images to the cache by using the 'Refresh cache' feature.

  • Help content within the plugin improved and packaged file caching explained.


August 21st 2018


  • There is now a link to the help site showing the latest features of the plugin. This is accessible via the Help page in the plugin.


  • Matched images in the relinker dialog are now displayed in a paginated grid. Use the Next and Previous buttons to navigate the matched images rather than scrolling.

  • Dragging an image into a text frame now does not remove the text frame or text that the image was dropped onto.


June 29th 2018


  • Auto-Updater - the plugin will now check to see if a new version is available on start up. The user will have the option to defer the update, at which point they will receive a notification in the plugin window.

  • A version rollback feature is also supported - if we deem a current version unstable the auto-updater can be utilised to rollback the current version to a previous version.


  • A dropped image will now appear on the current page in the view rather than the current active page.

  • Upon InDesign exit, all plugin related menus and context menus are properly removed.

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