If you are experiencing problems with the InDesign plugin, please see below for some troubleshooting steps you can take. You can also feel free to reach out to our Support Team or your Customer Success Manager.

Most Common Issues Using the InDesign Plugin

1. What version of the plugin are you on?

The latest version is located here which you can download and install. The version of the plugin is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the plugin for you to compare.

2. What is your cache size set to?

By default, the plugin is set to use 8 GB. To modify the cache size, navigate to 'Settings' in the plugin, click on 'Storage' and then click on the number next to where it says 'Cache Size', replacing it with whatever your desired cache size is. We recommend increasing by about 2-3 GB at a time.

3. Failed Due to Insufficient Privileges

If you are attempting to install using the Creative Cloud Add-On store and are receiving the following message 'Failed due to insufficient privileges' then try the following steps:

  1. Close InDesign.
  2. Make sure you have local admin rights. If so, Lower or turn off UAC. 
  3. If not, contact your IT team to have them work with OpenAsset to lower or turn off UAC.
  4. Try running the installer again.

4. Error 403 or 411 upon installation

If you receive an error 403 or 411 upon installation:

  1. Check your InDesign version. The plugin is compatible with InDesign CC 2015.4+. It is not compatible with CS5 or CS6.
  2. Close InDesign
  3. Uninstall the plugin and then reinstall.

5. InDesign plugin has frozen

If the plugin has frozen, it may be due to InDesign attempting to ‘refocus’ on the current window. If this happens try minimizing InDesign to your system tray, or clicking back into the active window, and then back again into InDesign.

You can also restart the plugin by going to Windows > Extensions and unselecting ‘OpenAsset’. Then go back and re-select ‘OpenAsset’. This will force the plugin to restart.

6. Updating resolutions causes InDesign to freeze

If the plugin has frozen while updating the image files in the document:

  1. Close out of the update window, save any changes you’ve done, then restart InDesign.
  2. Next, check the cache size. A good rule of thumb would be to increase the cache size by 2 or 3 GB’s if you’re working on multiple documents or large documents with significant numbers of images.

7. Images are not displaying properly when placed into frame

If images aren’t displaying properly in a frame:

  1. Check your OpenAsset to see if the default InDesign drag and drop size is created for that image. You can find this in the file info page - under the Image Sizes tab. Sometimes, image sizes aren’t created due to a service disruption or perhaps an error with the file. When that happens the image displayed will only be the thumbnail size. 
  2. If the image size for your Drag and Drop displays as 'Create Now,' this means that this image isn’t set to 'Always Create.' If this is the case, please reach out to your OpenAsset administrator to fix this issue.
  3. If this is the case where the image size has not been created for the default InDesign Drag and drop size, please navigate to the image in your OpenAsset and hit the ‘Create now’ button on the image size. You should now be able to pull the image into your InDesign document.
  4. If the image size has been created, check your cache size as the InDesign plugin may be running out of space to store the images. See above (point 2) for instructions on how to change your cache size.

8. Re-sizing issues

This is most likely related to the version of the plugin you are using. Click here to navigate to this section.

9. Pop-up that says 'Import failed'

This is most likely related to the version of the plugin you are using. Click here to navigate to this section.

10. Images not downloading in high quality

Check to make sure that the option to 'Always Use Full Resolution Images' is checked.

If this is checked, go to your OpenAsset instance and navigate to 'System Settings' > 'System' > 'System Preferences', and scroll down to where it says 'InDesign High Res Image Size' (don’t worry if you have fewer fields in this section). 

If the default high resolution size is not the highest resolution image size, or if it’s just not the image size you believe it should be, contact your OpenAsset System Administrator.

11. If you want to set all your images to high quality

Check that the 'Always Use Full Resolution Images' setting is on. Then navigate to 'File' > 'OpenAsset' > 'Change All OpenAsset Images to Default High Resolution Size' to set all the images in the document to the default high resolution size.

12. Issues while collaborating

If you are having issues while collaborating, such as images shifting when opening a document after another user has edited it:

  1. Check whether all users collaborating are on the same (preferably most recent) version of the plugin.
  2. If all users are on Windows, double check that the 'Cache Location' is set to public.
  3. If one or all users are on a Mac, the plugin need to re-download the images and update the links each time you open the document after an edit is made. This may cause a slight delay, depending on the size of the document.

13. Browser limitations

Certain browsers like Internet Explorer have compatibility issues with MS applications. Contact your Customer Success Manager to confirm whether your browser is compatible.

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