Troubleshooting the InDesign Plugin

These are are our recommended solutions to the most common issues users encounter with the InDesign Plugin

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If you are experiencing problems with the InDesign plugin, please see below for some troubleshooting steps you can take. You can also feel free to reach out to our Support Team or your Customer Success Manager.

Most Common Issues Using the InDesign Plugin

1. I’m not able to drag and drop or generally use the plugin

The plugin must be turned on in order for you to make use of it. To do so select 'Window' > 'Extensions' > 'OpenAsset' from the InDesign menu.

If you can’t see this option, the plugin is not installed. Visit this page for installation instructions.

2. I keep closing the plugin window by mistake

We recommend that you dock the plugin with other windows so that it is accessible whilst keeping your workspace tidy.

3. The plugin appears blank or does not load

Check your version of InDesign. The OpenAsset plugin supports InDesign 2018 onwards.

4. I’m seeing errors following installation

Check your version of InDesign. The OpenAsset plugin supports InDesign 2018 onwards.

5. Am I on the latest version of the plugin?

Being on the latest version of the plugin is recommended to ensure you have the best experience. You should be on the latest version and the plugin will remind you to automatically update when a new version becomes available.

However, if you would like to check, the version of the plugin is located in the bottom left-hand corner:

And you can see the latest version available here.

6. I often work with large documents and have to wait for files to download as I work

The plugin uses a local cache where your working files are stored. The size of this cache can be adjusted. Go to 'Settings' in the plugin, click on 'Storage' and then replace the 'Cache Size’ number. We recommend increasing by about 2-3 GB at a time.

If you find you are unable to increase the cache to the desired size, your administrator will have set a maximum cache size for you.

7. The InDesign Plugin has frozen

Freezes may be caused by complications whilst images are downloading from OpenAsset. It is recommended that you wait for images to download before you attempt further actions. Images may download when opening a document, when switching the resolution of images or using the Cloud Linker. You can see when images are downloading in the plugin window.

It’s also worth checking that your cache size is sufficient for the size of the documents that you are working with. See point 6. for steps to increase your cache.

If you experience freezing when images are not downloading please contact support.

8. Images are not displaying properly when dragged into my document

If images aren’t displaying properly it is possible that the default image size has not been created in OpenAsset. This may be because the image size has not been set to “always create”, in which case your administrator will be able to update this. It is also possible that image sizes aren’t created due to a service disruption or error when the size was attempted to be created.

If this happens a thumbnail version of the image will be used. To resolve this, check OpenAsset to see if the size is created for that image. You can find this in the file information page - under the Image Sizes tab.

If the image size is not created it will have a “create now” button next to it. Click this and once complete, you should be able to drag the image into InDesign.

If the image is already created, check that you have sufficient space in your cache. See the steps in point 6.

9. Images are taking a long time to download each time drag them

You may have the setting 'Always Use Full Resolution Images' turned on. This can be found under “Settings” in the plugin.

For most users it is recommended that this is turned off so that a lower resolution size is used as you work, then you can update all images to higher resolutions before you export, package or print.

10. I wasn’t reminded to upgrade my images to high resolution before I export

The plugin will remind you to upgrade your images to high resolution before you export or package. It is possible to turn this warning off in the under 'Settings' > 'Images'.

This message is caused by InDesign looking for your locally linked images. If you have images linked to OpenAsset, but are not in your local cache, InDesign will not know they are linked. This is not a problem as the plugin will automatically download them. If you’d prefer not to see this message, you can turn it off in InDesign’s Preferences under ‘File Handling’. Turn off ‘Check Links Before Opening Document’.

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