Updating your InDesign Plugin Settings

How to update your document image resolution, modify the size of your image cache and edit proxy settings

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Document Image Resolution

OpenAsset images are initially loaded into InDesign at a lower-resolution working size. This means that you can quickly work with your images even on a slow or unreliable internet connection.

You can change the size of images in your document within the InDesign Plugin window. Select an option from the 'Image Size' drop-down menu.

Image Cache

While working on your document, the OpenAsset plugin temporarily downloads images from OpenAsset Cloud and dynamically links them within your documents. The images are stored in a local cache on your machine when needed and do not reference a UNC or other network path.

The local image cache for this plugin is cleared and filled dynamically according to which documents you have recently worked on. You can adjust the size of this cache in the settings menu. This is helpful when working with large documents (e.g. if your document’s images exceed 4GB, you should increase the size of the cache to something greater than 4GB).

By default, the plugin is set to use 8 GB. To modify the cache size, navigate to 'Settings' in the plugin, click on 'Storage' and then click on the number next to where it says 'Cache Size', replacing it with whatever your desired cache size is. We recommend increasing by about 2-3 GB at a time.

Proxy Settings

If you access the internet through a Proxy, you may need to configure the OpenAsset Plugin to connect through the same proxy.

Within the plugin menu select 'Settings' > 'Network' and enter your Proxy Host and Port settings. These should be the same as the ones configured under your Internet Options.

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