Cropping and Downloading Images

How to download cropped images and save image crop presets for future use

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OpenAsset has a cropping tool that enables you to crop an image within OpenAsset and download it to your computer. Users can save a crop preset, so that the next time you open the Cropping Tool, these settings will be saved and ready to select and use.

Note: the stored image file is not affected by using the crop tool.

Cropping an Image

To download an image crop, select a file then select the 'Crop Image' tool from the menu at the top of your screen.

Final Image Dimensions

In this section, you can enter your desired final image dimensions The numbers in this box will be the final image size that you download. You can use the padlock to lock the aspect ratio. Unlock this if you want to freely resize the selection box. 


This functionality allows you to rotate the image and change which orientation you are cropping.


This functionality allows you to zoom in and out of the image. This is useful if you want to crop a specific part of a large image.


There are two file type option to save your images as: JPG or PNG. 


If you select JPG then you can choose the quality of that image, this slider lets you choose up to 100% quality.

Saving Presets

Under the 'Final Image Dimensions in px' there is a 'Save as Preset' button. You can use this button to save the crop settings for use another time. This feature is available on a user level only. Each user will need to create their own preset sizes. You can have multiple presets saved in the cropping tool.

Downloading a Cropped Image

When you are happy with your selection, you need to press the 'Download Cropped File' button, and this will download the file directly to your computer.

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