If the URL path for images in your OpenAsset system changes, such as following an On-Premises to Cloud migration, you may need to relink images.

Relinking Images Following an On-Premises to Cloud Migration

To search for and re-link images from either your OpenAsset On-Premises system or from your Network folder to your OpenAsset cloud system, you can do so by navigating to 'Advanced Features' > 'Search For and Relink Images' within the plugin menu.

Note: this feature requires that you be using InDesign CC 2015.4 +

When you select 'Search For and Relink Images' you will be prompted to enter your OpenAsset URL and login to your OpenAsset account.

Enter your login details in the pop-up window.

The plugin will then search for the images in your OpenAsset Cloud library by examining the file’s size and filename. When it finds the matches it will ask for you to confirm whether the matches are correct. You can click on any non-matches to un-relink.

Once you have confirmed the matches, you can select 'Download Images From Cloud' to use the working sizes available from your Cloud system. You are now free to change the image sizes and the files will be linked to your OpenAsset Cloud system. You can also select to open the image in your OpenAsset Cloud system.

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