Attaching Multiple Files to Employees

How to use the batch editor to apply multiple images to employees

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By creating a selection of files and using the Batch Editor, you can attach multiple images to an employee at once. This workflow is useful in instances where you'd like to apply images to an employee and the employee's name is not included in the file metadata.

Create a selection of images

Create a selection of images by selecting the blue check button on the image thumbnails. To select all the images within your search, click 'Select' followed by 'Select All'. Then select the 'Edit' icon from the Action Buttons to the right of your screen to launch the Batch Editor.

Use the batch editor to select employees

Select the 'Employees' tab from the top-right of the batch editor screen.

Search for the employee you wish to attach the files to. You can search by name or employee code. The select the 'Attach to this Employee' link. You can search for additional employees to attach the same selection of images.

Make sub-selections of images

Within the batch editor, you can make sub-selections of images by selecting and de-selecting images. This is useful if you wish to work from a larger selection of images, and apply them to different employees from the batch editor screen.

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