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Setting Up Upload Approvals

How to configure which user groups require upload approvals to upload files to your OpenAsset system

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Why use upload approvals?

By putting in place an approvals process, you can establish a 'gatekeeper' approach to uploading whereby library Administrators must approve images before they become available in OpenAsset. As well as controlling which images are added to your system, this process allows Administrators to more closely control which keywords and metadata are applied to assets at the point of upload.

Upload approval settings

Whether or not a user requires their uploads to be approved is set up in Group permissions. Navigate to 'Security' > 'Groups' within your Settings menu and select the 'Edit' icon for the desired group.

Select 'Category Permissions' in the tab on the left side. The far right column lists 'Automatic Upload Approval'. If this is checked, then the user in this group can upload directly to the library without approval. If this setting is unchecked, then the users' uploads will require approval by the library Administrator. In the screenshot above, the users in the 'General User' group can upload Marketing Materials and Reference files directly to OpenAsset, but their uploads to the Projects and Employees categories will require approval.

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