Using Upload Approvals

This article explains how to submit uploads for approval, and how administrators can approve, reject and make changes to uploads

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If you have upload approvals in place, certain user groups will be required to submit their file uploads for approval by a library Administrator before they are added to your OpenAsset system.

For a quick overview of the upload approvals workflow, watch this video:

Submitting uploads for approval

If a user requires upload approval, they will follow the same steps as a regular user but instead of clicking 'Complete' to finish the upload, they will click 'Request Upload Approval'.

While your upload is waiting to be approved by your Administrator, it will appear on the Upload Overview page with the status Pending Approval. You'll receive a notification once it has been approved. You can also cancel the request for approval in order to make changes to the Upload.

Approving uploads

Administrators can view all uploads submitted for approval from the Upload Overview page. 

Administrators can then open the pending upload, make changes, add or remove files and then decide to approve or reject it.

Once approved, the files will be added to your OpenAsset system and the user who uploaded the files will be notified.

Rejecting uploads

When the administrator rejects an upload, they can add a note so that the user knows why.

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