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Using the Slideshow Mode

How to use Slideshow Mode to view images in full screen

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The Slideshow mode is useful when presenting and discussing images. The entire area of the screen is used to display each image as large as possible.

Entering the Slideshow Mode

You can launch a Slideshow from either a filtered search or from a selection of images. Simply select the 'Slideshow' icon from the Action Bar to enter Slideshow Mode. You will be able to paginate through the images displayed on the previous screen.

Viewing Images in Slideshow Mode

To navigate between images within your search results, project, album or selection, click the arrows at either side of the image or use the left and right keys on your keyboard. After a few seconds of inactivity, the controls move off screen. You can continue to scroll through images using the arrow keys. Moving the mouse cursor brings the screen controls back.

To exit Slideshow mode, you can hit 'esc' on your keyboard or select the icon at the top-right of the screen or expand the sidebar to navigate to the File Page of the file being displayed. To return to the Search page, select 'Return to Search' at the top-left of the page.

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