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Setting the view options for File Filtered and Selected tabs

How to adjust the viewing options to suit your workflows

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When finding, selecting and using files, you are able to easily change their appearance to suit your needs.

At the top of the Files page there is a 'View' menu.

If you open this menu you are able to set:

  • The number of items per page. This can be useful if you’d prefer to fit a specific number of results to your screen so you don’t have to scroll when browsing.

  • The size of the image. There are 3 options: Small, Medium or Large.

  • The framing of the images. There are 2 options: 'Crop', fills the area that each image can be viewed and so is cropped. 'Fit', ensures that the entire image is viewable.

The 'View' controls work independently on the Filtered and Selected screens. This is so you have flexibility in setting up your working environment. For example, you might want to view medium images when searching but want smaller images when dragging from your selection. You can read more about arranging your workspace for Drag and Drop here.

You are also able to set the information that is displayed under each image. You can read more about that here.

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