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Sorting Project & Employee Search Results

How to order your Project and Employee search results by different sorting options

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Sorting Your Project & Employee Search Results

Sorting your search results enables you to more quickly identify the project or employee you are looking for.

By selecting the sort menu, you can select a value from the drop-down menu by which to sort your results.

Numerical options can be ordered either in ascending or descending order, whereas text-based options are ordered alphabetically.

The available sorting options include:

  • Name - order by the name of the project / the first name of the employee

  • Code - order by the code given to the project / employee

  • Added - order by the date when the project / employee was added to OpenAsset

  • Updated - order by the date when the project / employee was last updated within OpenAsset

  • Start Date (Project Only) - order by the start date of the project

  • Completion Date (Project Only) - order by the end date of the project

  • Hire Date (Employee Only) - order by the hire date of the employee

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