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Sorting Image Search Results

How to order your image search results by different sorting options and set a default search order

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Sorting Your Image Search Results

Sorting your search results enables you to more quickly identify the files you are looking for.

By selecting the sort menu, you can select a value from the drop-down menu by which to sort your results.

Numerical options can be ordered either in ascending or descending order, whereas text-based options are ordered alphabetically.

Some useful sorting options include:

  • Access Level - view External Use images before others

  • Rank - this will push all your best-ranked images to the top of search results

  • Date uploaded - view your most recently uploaded images

  • Views - view the images most frequently accessed by users

Setting Your Default Search Order

You can configure the default sort option for your search results by selecting the 'My Preferences' link from the Username drop-down menu at the top-right of your page.

From this page, change your 'Search order 1' by clicking a sorting option from the menu. Next, edit your second and third sort default if needed.

Then select 'Save Changes' from the bottom of the page.

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