Modifying Files that have been Uploaded

This article explains how you can rotate or replace existing files within your OpenAsset system

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Rotating Files

If files that have been uploaded are the wrong orientation, you can correct this in OpenAsset.

Select the file and from the File Overview page, select the 'Rotate File' icon from the top-right of the window.

Files can be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise in 90 degree increments. Once you are happy with the rotation, select 'Confirm Rotation'.

While your file is processing, a 'File Pending Rotation' notice will appear in front of the image.

Tip: you can rotate multiple images at once using the Batch Editor. Create a selection of images and select the 'Edit' icon from the Action Bar. Then follow the same steps as above.

Replacing Files

In instances where you have a new or retouched version of an image, it can be useful to replace the original version of the file in your system.

Navigate to the Overview page of the file you wish to replace, then select the 'Replace File' icon from the top-right of the page.

In the pop up window that appears select 'Choose file'.

Once you have selected the replacement file (.jpeg, .png or .gif formatted files display as thumbnails in the window, other file formats display a file icon in the same location), then click the 'Replace File' option at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Note: The replacement file must be the same type/format as the file that you are replacing.

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