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Using Advanced Search Options

These tools allow you to commence And / Or searches, and exclude terms from search results

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Using these advanced search options, you can commence a Boolean Search in which you can use the modifiers AND, NOT and OR to refine your search results.

And / Or Searches

When you search using more than one Keyword from within the same Keyword Category, you are automatically presented with the 'And' / 'Or' function. This function is depicted by a chain symbol that appears in the Search Trail when you have entered more than one Keyword from the same Keyword Category.

The 'And' option is represented by a completed chain link. In the example below your search would produce files that are tagged with both the keywords 'Interior' and 'Atriums':

The 'Or' option is represented by a broken chain link. In the example below your search would produce files that contain at least one of the Keywords 'Interior' or 'Atriums':

To switch between the 'And' / 'Or' function, simply click the chain link icon.

Excluding Results by Search Term

When you hover over a search term, an 'Exclude' option appears above that term.

This option allows you to reverse the search for that term and brings back all results NOT containing the term.

When the 'Exclude' option is clicked the option 'Include' appears in its place. If you click this link again you will be reverting back to including that search term in you search.

Note: if this feature is not visible in your system, it may have been disabled by your System Administrator.

Even if the Include/Exclude function is switched off, you are still able to exclude a term from a search trail by typing a minus sign (-) before the term and then clicking search.

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