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Viewing and Presenting your Project Portfolio

How to use the Project Portfolio as a tool for delivering presentations to colleagues and clients

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The Project Portfolio is designed to enable you to quickly find the right Projects and make selections of Projects. If you are presenting to colleagues or clients, this can be a useful way of conveying an overview of your best Projects without preparing a slide deck in advance.

Typical use of Filters and Selections

Using the Faceted Search tool you can filter your searches according to your available Project Keywords. By selecting the checkbox on image thumbnails, you can add Projects to your selection from across multiple searches. Click the 'Selected' tab to view the Projects in your selection.

Viewing Project Tiles

The Tile View presents large, clear thumbnails of your Project Hero Images. This offers a more visual way of browsing your Projects and can enable you to present to colleagues or clients from the Portfolio Page without the need for a slide deck.

Viewing Project Overviews

Clicking on any of the Project tiles will take you through to the Project Overview page. From here, you can see an overview of your Project information, Project Keywords, any Files associated with the Project, Employees who worked on the Project (if the Employee Module is switched on in your system), as well as the Project Location. 

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