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Configuring User Self Signup

How to enable users to create their own user accounts from the Login Screen

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While an administrator can manually create users, OpenAsset Cloud users can also create their own user account from the login page.

Activate the User Signup Page

You can configure the user signup portion of OpenAsset from the User settings page. To access this page, navigate to 'Security' > 'Users' within your Settings menu.

From the following page, select the 'Automatic User Signup Settings' button.

The pop-up window will allow you to enable the user signup page and enter the email domains that you want to allow.

User Signup on OpenAsset Login Page

Once user signup has been enabled, your login screen will include a 'Sign Up' button.

Selecting 'Sign Up' will take you to '/Page/Signup'.

Note: This URL could also be given out directly to people by OpenAsset System Administrators.

The user enters their information and selects 'Create Account'.

They will then see the following message.

Email Confirmation

The user will receive an email confirming their login. They will activate their account by clicking the link.

Clicking the link takes the user to your firm's OpenAsset instance and redirects them to the login screen, where they can begin using OpenAsset.

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